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We love finding new homes for used bikes! Bring one (or more!) in to the shop and we'll make the process easy for you. 

How much can we get you for your bike?

We recommend referencing as a rough guide, but we'll have to see your bike in person to give you precise numbers. Generally we base our offers upon the anticipated sale price. How much you get -- and when you get it -- depends upon which avenues we can offer and which you prefer to take. If you consign the bike, we can try to get you more but you'll have to wait until it sells to collect. We can in many cases buy it from you on the spot, but can't offer as much. If you're looking for another bike, a trade-in can be a great way to make a deal!

You can generally expect to receive
     CONSIGN IT:  60-70%
          TRADE IT:  ~50%
              SELL IT:  ~40%

Specifics will depend upon the desirability of carrying the bike, which includes assessment of market factors and our existing inventory. Please note that we cannot always offer cash or trade value for a bike -- even a highly valuable one.

What types of bikes will RMA take?

We carry all varieties of bicycles -- road, mountain, gravel, hybrid, greenway, electric, etc. -- but may have limitations on niche products (time trial, downhill, etc.) depending upon inventory levels. We're not bike snobs, but unfortunately cannot accept all brands. Generally, we're interested in bikes that were originally purchased at a bike shop rather than a department store. 

Above all, we're looking for quality bikes that we can wholeheartedly recommend to prospective purchasers. We'll take bikes of all ages, but generally value them for their functionality rather than any collectable appeal. 

If you're not sure ... well, just ask! You can email through our contact form, call or text the shop number, or stop by with your bike. Provide as much information as you can (pictures help a ton!) and we'll respond just as soon as we can.

What if my bike needs work or cleaning? 

The estimates given above presume the bike is in full working order and in a presentable state. We'll give your bike a full assessment at intake (or as soon as possible thereafter, if a closer look is required).

Should our service team identify necessary work (parts and/or labor) that must be completed before we can sell your bike, we'll have to charge you for the work or deduct it from your proceeds -- after we've consulted with you, of course. If you know your bike has some mechanical issues, we still want you to bring it in! Since we're motivated to have bikes to sell, and need to fully assess all bikes anyway, we'll likely be able to do any necessary work at a better rate than another shop (if we need to charge anything at all).

As for dirt and grime ... we're happy to do some polishing free of charge, but will require a cleaning fee in situations where a bike requires extensive removal of dirt & dust, relubrication of components, etc. 

What if I just want my bike to go to a good cause? 

Glad you asked! We love to support local charitable efforts whenever possible and are always excited when folks offer up used bikes or bike parts as a way to be helpful.

We're occasionally asked whether we can simply pass along a bike to someone who needs one. While we share the good intentions behind that approach, we are unfortunately not equipped to find and assess prospective bike donation recipients and match them with bikes of appropriate size, functionality, etc. 

Instead, our preferred approach in charitable cases is to list the bike for sale on one of our donation accounts. Organizations such as Humble Hustle, West End Center, Pathfinders for Greenways, and Blue Ridge Off Road Cyclists all do great work in the outdoor/cycling realm. Your bike will still go to someone who can give it new life, with the bulk of the proceeds going to benefit a great cause. In such cases, RMA will take care of any necessary parts & labor and/or kick in to the charitable contribution to further boost your giving.

Anything else I need?

When you're ready to set up the consignment, trade, or sale, we'll ask that you complete our consignment paperwork to ensure we have all necessary contact information. As a matter of policy, to ensure that we do not unwittingly abet the scourge of bike theft, we will ask for your drivers license. We will not accept bikes that have had their serial number defaced.

Don't forget, we sell all kinds of other used outdoor gear. If you're bringing us a bike, be sure to grab any other unwanted gear to add to your consignment account!


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