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New to amazing sport of mountain biking? Looking to advance your skills and maximize your time on the trail? Consider a guided mountain bike outing with Roanoke Mountain Adventures!

If you're looking for a beginner instructional experience that introduces you to the trails, consider our beginner-friendly option below. You'll get all the skill work you need to be led onto your first singletrack ride!


Base Rate                           $200

Additional Riders               $50 per person

Discounted Rentals Available

Guided Bookings Require Confirmation from RMA


If you're ready for the next step in your mountain biking journey, or would like a custom tailored experience for your group, consider a guided outing. Every guided outing is led by a BICP-certified mountain bike guide and features up to 3 hours of trail time. (For beginners, rest assured that's more than enough to put a smile on your face -- and wear out your legs!) You can meet us at the shop and follow us to the trailhead at Carvins Cove, or head directly there if it is more convenient. The RMA instructor will assess your skills and discuss your group's experience level and preferences before determining an appropriate outing. Thankfully, the trail system at Carvins Cove features a wide variety of difficulty levels, allowing easy customization as you ride to ensure that you get just the right experience.

*Please note:

  • Maximum of four participants in a given guided outing.

  • Guided mountain bike outing rates DO NOT include the cost of a mountain bike or e-mountain bike rental. RMA will, however, offer a discount off of the price of any rental utilized in a guided outing and will offer free transportation of the bikes to Carvin's Cove.

  • The mountain bike guide will carry first aid and trail bike maintenance tools. You are responsible for bringing and carrying your own water and food!

Mill Mountain MTB Tour

If you’re visiting Roanoke or new to mountain biking, let Roanoke Mountain Adventures be your guide to the iconic Mill Mountain Star, where you can see the entire Roanoke Valley from above and descend thrilling singletrack trails! Our expert guides will ensure you're properly sized and equipped with top-notch mountain bikes at our shop before shuttling you to the summit of Mill Mountain for your adventure. 


This outing is beginner-friendly and the variety of trails allows us to tailor your trip from easier to more advanced trails. Although we shuttle to the top of the mountain, there will be intermittent and brief periods of uphill climbing so a baseline cycling experience/fitness is required. For novice riders we have a mostly paved bike path down to a gravel double track for the most beginner friendly route down.


If after our initial skill session has you itching for more, we can make the descent as rowdy and as skill building as you'd like! Our shuttle to the summit eliminates the most daunting aspect of riding on Mill Mountain. At the mountain's peak, we'll provide instruction on fundamental mountain biking skills before we embark on an exhilarating descent down the trails most suitable for the group.


Your guide will lead the way down the mountain, introducing you to the trails that have made Roanoke the East Coast's Mountain Biking Capital! From the base of the mountain, it is a short and scenic ride back to our shop along the Roanoke River Greenway.


This guided adventure is the perfect choice for newcomers to the area, adventurous visitors seeking the ultimate scenic mountain biking experience without the arduous climb, and individuals looking to break into the world of mountain biking.


**wear athletic, weather appropriate clothing and close toed athletic shoes

**bring water and any snacks you may want, we sell some snacks and water bottles at the store

Beginner Mountain Bike Experience

Base Rate                 $112/person

Discounted group rates available

Includes Mountain Bike Rental, Shuttle & Guide
Beginner Mountain Bike Experience

Base Rate                      $100

Additional Riders          $50 per person

Includes Free Hardtail MTB for the hour of instruction

This hour of instruction is designed for those looking to get started mountain biking. Our guides will size you up for an included hardtail mountain bike from Marin and take you on a short 5 minute ride up the greenway to the new bike skills loop at Vic Thomas park.  We will go over all the fundamentals of riding and have the obstacles of the skills loop to get lots of repetition on the newly learned skills. The goal of this instruction is to leave the rider comfortable tackling the nearby green trails and feel confident to ride singletrack trails.

Guided Bookings Require Confirmation from RMA

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