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We have ample experience working with businesses, municipal entities, and conference venues to stage events that connect people to the outdoors in a professionally appropriate manner. Our rental and adventure offerings can function to encourage healthy lifestyle choices in a fun and accessible way; create unique breakout opportunities that facilitate productive business sessions; and deliver impactful team-building through the natural bonds that arise during shared adventures.

Offerings and pricing depend upon a multitude of factors. Here are just a few concept packages that we have successfully delivered in the past:

Group Electric Bike Tours

RMA can deliver its fleet of 14 electric bikes to your corporate event or conference venue. We have run past events from Hotel Roanoke, the Berglund Center, and Elmwood Park. Bikes, helmets, and guides will be staged and ready for use at the appointed time. We can run tours of different lengths and varieties to suit your group's preferences. If you have a larger group, we can run the tour in waves and/or supplement with our extensive fleet of non-electric bikes. We can also run fully non-electric rentals or tours from whatever location you prefer.

Pricing: 10% group discount on regular bike or e-bike rental rates; bike transportation and guide fees apply depending upon specifics. Contact us for more information or to plan your event!

Group River Outings

RMA can get your large group on the water! We have successfully accommodated upwards of forty guests on our relaxing and accessible tube floats on the Roanoke River. We can adapt to your needs, from choosing an appropriate float length to booking setup. RMA can arrange a group block booking from a single payment source or set up a custom outing that participants register and pay for independently.

Pricing: 10% group discount on regular tubing rates

Contact us for more information or to plan your event!

Kayak or Mountain Bike

Have a more adventurous group you'd like to treat to a fun but manageable outing? We have arranged all kinds of kayak and mountain bike group adventures over the years. Our typical paddle on the Roanoke River is appropriate to anyone that has some experience paddling on moving water. And we can structure a mountain bike outing (guided or unguided) to suit any and all ability levels. Let us know what you're thinking and we'll put together some options!

nearby mountain biking 2.jpg

Pricing: 10% group discount on regular kayaking and mountain bike rental rates; regular guide rates apply

Contact us for more information or to plan your event!

Looking for more things to do in Roanoke for your group? Shoot us an email, or visit this page for more ideas!

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