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We rent high quality river tubes for floating on the Roanoke River. Enjoy a slice of nature right in the middle of the city! The Roanoke is a relaxing river, with a few mild rapids to keep things interesting. Float time is dependent upon water levels and other factors. Typically, it takes 2 to 3 hours to float back to the shop. 


Simply choose your preferred time slot through our online booking system and arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. We'll show you the takeout and drive you up to the put-in.

Price includes tube (plus cover & seat) along with transportation to the put-in. Be sure to bring your own dry bag or plan to purchase one from the shop if you will need that capability.

Roanoke River Tubing Outing
Youth(6-12):  $16/tube                                                              

Water Level Notice
The Roanoke River can run at low levels in the summer. 150-300 cfs is optimal for floating. Below 120 cfs, you may find longer float times with increased potential to run aground in a few places. We cannnot control the water levels! Please check for current levels and plan accordingly!

Please note: This is an unguided outing. The minimum age we will shuttle is 6 and youth 6-12 years old are required to wear a personal flotation device. We generally recommend one adult for every two children and may require at least that ratio when younger children participate. All participants must know how to swim and manage themselves on a body of moving water. Footwear is required, flip flops not recommended. We do not offer tandem tubes, cooler tubes, rafts, or inflatable kayaks. We strongly discourage participants from tying or binding together tubes. (While that practice may be safe on some rivers, there is a high likelihood of running aground and potential entanglement hazard on the low, rocky Roanoke River.) 

Custom Outings

If you have a large group and/or wish to arrange a custom shuttle time, we will do our best to accommodate. Custom shuttles carry a $200 minimum, regardless of group size. We can offer a discounted rate of $18/person for groups of 10 or more people.

Please contact us at ​ to make arrangements. Be sure to include group size and desired date/time in your email and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able.

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