*The 2021 tubing season is now complete. Thanks for joining us!

We rent high quality river tubes for floating on the Roanoke River. Simply choose your preferred time slot through our online booking system and arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. We'll show you the takeout and drive you up to the put-in. We typically launch from Bridge Street, allowing for a 2.5 – 3.5 hour float back to the shop. If water conditions or other factors warrant, or upon request, we can also shuttle to Memorial Bridge for a shorter float. (Float times are only estimates; actual time on the water depends upon water levels and the decisionmaking of participants.)


Price includes Tube, Tube Cover, and Dry Bag along with transportation to the put-in.

Roanoke River Tubing Outing      $22/person

Please note: This is an unguided outing. The minimum age we will shuttle is 6. All participants must know how to swim and manage themselves on a body of moving water. Footwear is required, flip flops not recommended. We do not offer tandem tubes, cooler tubes, rafts, or inflatable kayaks. We discourage participants from tying or binding together tubes.