One of the fastest growing water sports in the world, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a great way to explore many bodies of water, from a lake, to the ocean, to a moving river. People of all ages and skill levels can be standing up and paddling their first day on the water. RMA rents high-quality Red Paddle Co. inflatable paddleboards that are perfect for use on lakes and certain rivers. Our 10'6 and 10'8 boards are very stable and easy to transport for all users. You can take fully inflated boards if you have a truck, trailer, or appropriate roof rack. Or you can take the boards deflated in any vehicle and use our top-quality hand pumps to inflate the board once you get to your paddling destination. Paddleboard rentals include Life Jacket (PFD), paddle, pump and dry bag.

Same-Day Return
Overnight Rental (24 hours)
Multi-Day Rental
Weekly Rental


Are you a Roanoke-area local who enjoys stand-up paddleboarding but isn't sure about owning and maintaining your own board? Do you want to paddle a high-end board without shelling out north of $1k? Why not just use one of ours?! 

We now offer a great deal for repeat customers: 5 SUP rental outings for the price of 3 -- just $135 if you pay up front! We'll keep your information on file so you can just stop by and grab your gear, then drop it back with us when you're finished. 

(For the most part, you'll be able to grab a SUP whenever you want one, but there are some restrictions to bear in mind. We can't promise you a board unless you make a reservation, though we'll be glad to handle walk-ups so long as availability permits. And we can't promise to let you use a punch for a friend or take a board for consecutive days, though we'll be glad to accommodate reasonable requests whenever possible.)


Paddleboarding has been allowed at nearby Carvins Cove since 2016 with a few stipulations. The water is owned and governed by the Western Virginia Water Authority and they have the right to revoke the privilege. Please respect the rules and help to educate others! See the links below for more info on paddling at the Cove, which requires a $7/vehicle fee.

There are several other flat water options in the region for stand-up paddleboarding, including Rutrough Point at Explore Park, Claytor Lake State Park, and Smith Mountain Lake.