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Thinking about an electric bike? Let us help you find the right fit! Whether it's for fun, commuting, or just flattening out some of our many local hills, we've assisted many folks navigate the fast-changing e-bike landscape. Here are some of the ways we can help you electrify your cycling:

1) Buy an electric bike from RMA! We're a used gear shop first and foremost, so it's always worth checking to see what we might have at a great value. RMA also stocks certain e-bikes from awesome manufacturers such as Marin and State Bicycle Co. If you see one you like, consider buying or ordering it through us ... you'll get free shipping and assembly! If you're interested in getting a great value on a high-quality mid-drive bike that combines personality, customization, and performance, be sure to ask us about our e-bike conversion options!


2) Try before you buy! RMA rents the same great e-bikes that we sell! You can rent them by the day or join us for a guided e-bike tour, which includes ample instruction and practice to help you learn safe e-bike operation.

3) Get a local partner for your online order. Want to purchase a Rad Power e-bike after enjoying your rental? Click here to access Rad's site through our affiliate portal. Feel free to discuss your options with an RMA associate before purchase.

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4) Professional assembly and e-bike setup. If you choose to buy an electric bike from Rad Power, Aventon, or another quality direct-to-consumer retailer, you'll still need to assemble and tune the bike when it arrives. It's easier and safer to choose professional local assembly through RMA. For brands that utilize Beeline Connect, simply choose at checkout to have the e-bike sent to RMA. For other brands, just bring us the bike in the box. Either way, you'll end up with a fully tuned e-bike that has been checked for safety. We'll provide all the instruction and bike setup assistance that you may require for transporting, storing, and operating your new bike. RMA can also help you choose appropriate bike essentials such as helmets, locks, and maintenance items.

5) Bring us your e-bike for service or repair. RMA's team of professional mechanics can assess and repair just about any electric bike issue. We're also glad to perform tune-ups or assist with the purchase and installation of accessories. If your e-bike isn't working quite right or just isn't suiting your needs, bring it on over so we can help you find a solution.

6) Sell your electric bike! If you're ready to part with your e-bike, we'd love to help find it a new home. RMA has sold many used e-bikes over the years and offers an easy, fair, and trustworthy means of recouping some of your investment through consignment. You might be surprised how much money we can make for you -- all while saving you the hassle and risk of arranging a private or online sale!

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